Prestige isn't working as intended (aka messed up)

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    Prestige was acting very odd last days.

    When we worked on the 1900 prestige for rank 11 i realized first time, that something is wrong with the prestige.
    That was around the time of the patch where the Herbalist and the Alchemist Shops was removed from Blueprints.
    So it must have been the 30th September.
    We already builded 1x Alchemy and 1x Herbalist at the very beginning and then i placed 2 more blueprints of the Herbalist, because we needed a bit under 200 Prestige more and they look so nice. 😉

    The next day one was finished and i wondered about, why we didn't got the 100 prestige that i was expecting, i realized the patch notes of removing them from blueprint. But i finished the second to watch the prestige progress, it gave 100, but now we was missing 50 prestige.
    So i needed to build a playerhouse 2x2 Patio. I am quite sure, it said at this time in the tooltip it gives 50.
    But after finishing it gave more. But i didn't wrote down the the exact value.
    We just ranked up and i placed for the next 100 prestige the Marketplace.
    Then i was finishing a 2x2 at another player plot. At this time i am very sure, the tooltip said 35 and that would explain the later number with 5.
    But actually this one gave 50.
    So we must have been at 2070 around, sadly i didn't wrote down the exact value.

    At the 02.10. the Prestige was droped to 1925
    We had 17 public buildings, 4x 2x2 House and 2x 2x2 Patio House.

    A day later again (03.10.) just 1900 with one public building more (was placing an ore storage).
    Since we are missing the prestige, our town got into debt, because the Prestige is missing for the upkeep.

    However, when i was watching the values today for writing this report, i saw, the house values changed in the tooltip. I guess to fit the given prestige.
    If i count the 1900 now, that we have:
    18 Buildings - 6 Stockiles = 12 = 1200
    4x 2x2 House = 200
    2x 2x2 Patio House = 140
    Rest to 1900 are 360, so i guess the Stockpiles, that has no prestige value at their tooltip is giving 60 each.

    That sounds for me like a correct value now, but doesn't explain the ones before and the slow dropping of it over 3-4 days.


    @Kralith It was 2070 when I finished the Marketplace.

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    Some more Prestige Problems, related to the wrong count.

    I was today raising Prestige with 2 Stockpiles, each gave 100 not 60 like i counted above for the 1900 in summary.

    So i started to get rank 14:
    2200 -> 2300 with a wood stockpile
    2300 -> 2400 with another wood stockpile.

    Then i removed 2 Stockpiles (wood + food) to get space, but stayed at 2400 Prestige.

    I placed the Bank Blueprint and another Stockpile Blueprint to replace the removed Prestige.
    But when the stockile was builded up, we got another 100 so now we are at 2500.
    Bank should give 100 too, so we would be at 2600 then.
    Even with 2 Buildings less than intended.

    If i counted right we are at 22 public buildings now.
    Sadly i don't see it in the Notice Board anymore, since something counted as Public Building and it showed now a count of 53. (maybe the walls?)

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