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    hi everyone ! i was wondering about whether it is best to create a guild or just join an existing one which led me to question the benefits/advantages of being a guild master ?

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    @pexellzz No extra foundation points and no extra in game goodies if that was what you were wondering. The advange is that you can choose who accept in your guild as GM.


    @finland so unless you have a cool idea for a guild and it's activity, joining one is best ?

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    @pexellzz The only 2 difference between guilds are:

    • guild management
    • guild players

    So yeah if you don't want to spend time on managing a guild it's easier/faster to join one. I suggest you to join one that suits for your purpose. Recruit is always hard tho and as I said before you will not get benefits for beeing a GM. It's totally up to you, friend. I'm leading guilds by long time so I will do it here too.


    GM's can have it rough.

    You have to recruit. Do you spam invite and see who stays or do you invite those you grouped with or do you have an application to get to know the person.
    You have to deal with drama. at some point drama will happen so you should know how to deal with it. Some guilds have a no drama rule and can kick people because of it.
    You have to deal with clicks. certain people will group with certain others. this could be good or be bad.
    You might have to deal with guild mergers. I haven't seen too many of these working out well.
    You have to deal with people not logging on. Real life happens but usually the first month everyone is excited but it's the second month that you really see who's interested in the game.
    Keeping the guild alive. It's best to have some guild event ideas handy when people start to get bored.


    there are no advantages to being GM. I got stuck being one for while and will never to so again. it totally ruined the fun of playing the game for me. Just join a guild would be my advice.

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    You can be a dictator! The absolute ruler of your domain! 😛


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