Easy respec for test.


    Hello Devs,
    i think for test will be nice to have ability for easier respec talents/abilieties/stats and have option to drop all skills back into Knowledge Points... I think much peopeles want to test different classes, with different skills, but not all have enought time to farm so much KPs. And when talents u can respec easy, stats one time in week is little bit long, for test, isn't? And from skills u cannot earn at all back some KPs, yea it is cost not much, but... ) Maybe will be for next test easy ways to full respec.

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    @Turrug Actually, they barely added the respect feature as it is, and said they were putting those limits in purposefully when they did. They will more than likely make those limits even longer on game launch, and also include an associated cost to respec, not just free once a week.

    The Alpha has gone through a few permutations now...so they really aren't catering to people wanting to try out the multiple builds (unless they want to dedicate time to that) as they already have that kind of data. They introduced the new builds and new skills, but they still want feedback on how people react to their initial choices and being mostly locked in. They are being quite generous in allowing respecs at all, and not just telling people to delete their character and start fresh.

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