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  • I am not sure whether they made any changes on mob aggro distance or not, but in this test, I observe that the mobs aggro distance is nearly equivalent to the distance between my character and the edge of my screen. What that means is that, when I see a mob, it is already too late because it is already running towards me. I think they should reduce the aggro distance because right now, there is no critical thinking option, you either fight or run.

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    It probably has something to do with the changes to stealth.
    If I remember correctly the distance at which you get aggroed depends on your stealth.

    Your char has low Dex by chance?

  • If it depends on the stealth, then the situation might be more dire than I imagined, because I have 22 DEX on my character 🙂

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    @Clinion Would be helpful to know which mobs specifically you've noticed this in. For instance, Dire Wolves and Worgs always seemed to have a huge Aggro in previous tests.

  • @GamerSeuss Actually, Wargs are ok in the sense that they do not immediately aggro me when I see them. Most problematic ones are wisps, earth elementals, sproutlings and bandits(some).

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