Will guilds always be racially locked ?


    same question as title.


    I believe so, but there's nothing stopping players from pretty much making the same guild on each race/planet and doing pretty much the same things on each side.

    The real question is if people make a guild on humans called ABC, can there be also be a guild named ABC on the beastmen and/or demon planets.

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    @Adhamh As the game is not built around Mixed races traveling together at all, each race being mostly locked to their own planet, except for very very limited visits, it makes perfect sense to Guild-Race lock. They've pretty much said that Guilds will remain racially locked, and there isn't a reason to change that.

    As has been said, you can be a member of 1 guild per planet, so there is nothing stopping you from making a related guild on each planet that has an alliance. It's not like you'll get much multi-racial use out of the alliance, afterall.

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