what will VIP consist of?


    just curious, what will players get for having VIP?

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    From the FAQs:

    VIP membership is a monthly subscription planned to be priced around $10/month. It provides the following perks:

    Discounts on Store items
    Unique cosmetic rewards for accumulated VIP time
    Other vanity rewards we might think of in the future
    Additional study slots
    Increased Knowledge Point gains

    Now, without knowing the game it is hard to understand what the last 2 points mean, so I will elaborate a second on those.
    The game has no experience points, it is instead based on knowledge points. They are a similar concept, but the knowledge points have a cap on how many you can get from the same source, because at a certain point you know everything about that topic.

    For example, you kill trolls for a whole day. In an experience system, you get xp each time you kill a troll. If there is a levelling system, you probably get less and less as you level up.
    In the knowledge point system, after around 20-30 minutes, you stop gaining knowledge points, since you have completely studied the trolls.
    The biggest difference here is in how you reach the "level cap" on the 2 systems. In an xp system you don't need to cover every possible content to get to the max level, you just need to grind here and there, changing zones after a certain level.
    In the KP system, to get to the max knowledge, you need to kill all monsters, find all locations and all resources. You need to study everything. It is based a lot more on exploration rather than grinding.

    What the VIP does, is increasing the rate at which you "study" monsters. So if you go to the mountain troll area, and need to kill 15 to completely study them, someone with the VIP can probably do that by killing only 8.
    The important point though is that both will receive the same amount of KP from the mountain trolls. The VIP will just make it a little faster (you will soon discover that the travel time is the biggest factor in "levelling" a new char, not the time spent killing, and VIP will not help you there).

    So, is the VIP a P2W feature? Depends on how you define it, we had long discussions on this matter. It allows you to complete a char a bit faster, that's for sure. But both the VIP and the non VIP will reach the same final point, so my vote is for not P2W. It's not like it takes much time to complete a char, even without a VIP.

    The biggest advantages of VIP are the vanity rewards (which beware, are not tradable).


    @spoletta i come from Albion, an old school player, one of the greats... im just curious how it compares to Albion's premium, would you say it's comparable and good to have? ...because everything you said seems as if i would need to know the game to even understand it, and i havent touched Fractured at all yet... so i was deciding if i should buy the highest bundle and have lifetime VIP...

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    I can't help you there because I didn't play Albion, but yours is a false problem. If you buy a package, then you can upgrade it paying the difference. So just get a package to try the game, see for yourself how it works and then decide if you want to upgrade or not.

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    @spoletta @TheShawn

    As spoletta said, it is better if you buy a lower package first, then upgrade if you like it. This is especially true as VIP and other Package perks don't kick in until full game launch. The main perk you want right now is the ability to join in the Alpha test. Anything else is gravy and you want to try the game out before you pay for the upgraded plan. You may decide Fractured is not for you at all, and then what? your stuck having paid for VIP for life that you never even use.

    The main ??? that most of us I think have about VIP overall is the one not addressed, which is the Extra Study Slots. How exactly is that going to work overall is I think the biggest advantage VIP will bring overall. Does that give you a 9th and 10th preset, perhaps? Or does it give you a 6th or even more Pre-set on Abilities and Talent Tree selection?

    If you don't know, as you have never played, each character you have gets 5 pre-sets in the game, so you can quickly swap between builds at an Inn or your Home resting at the fireplace. These Pre-Sets use the same pool of Knowledge Points, you just pick different active options in both categories. This is one of the chief strengths of Fractured, the ability to hot-swap your character roles before joining in a Raid with others. Got too many tanks and not enough DPS, swap your build around and become a DPS fiend with talents and skills focused on doing damage and ranged style attacks. Things like that are possible in Fractured, but not as easy in other MMORPGs out there.

  • Usually it includes quicker access when in line. Sometimes bottle service and a premium behind the scenes view of what happens in the club. Some illegal activities are encouraged and sometimes you leave without your pants. I'd highly recommend the $10 investment in VIP.

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