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    Okay, the forums being so dead is driving me nuts. One of my favorite things to do is to catch up on what's going on in Fractured land with my internet peeps, so, I decided to create a Play-By-Post 5e style D&D game.

    Now, I love DMing, don't get me wrong, but I want to play too, so this will be a Round-Robin style game, where everyone playing can take a stab at DMing part of the storyline as well. I'll set the opening scene below, and the next poster can respond to the prompt portion of the post, but also build on the story as it goes along.

    'You awaken in a mist enshrouded chamber. Slowly, the mist begins to recede enough for you to see yourself in the pale defused light around, describe your character <Prompt>'

    ((My example, and also my response to the prompt above))
    "Whoa, what happened, where am I?" looking down at myself, I notice the fine leather jerkin I'm wearing, dyed a rich blue color. My trouse are also leather, but in creamy soft brown. A scimitar hangs from my left side for a right handed draw, and a strap across my chest, when examined, reveals a fine wooden mandolin. I must be a minstrel of some kind, but I have no memories of the time before. As the mist recedes even further, I notice other forms starting to be revealed <Prompt>


    Ok I'll play. Never played like this before so I hope I get it right!

    As I sit up I notice that the metallic jingling of chain armor I am wearing. My hand automatically reaches for my longsword at my side. As I grab its hit I note how well it fits my hand. There is a shield laying on the fine white marble floor next to me emblazed with a coat I do not recognize but yet instinctively i know its my shield. As I puzzle over the shield realize I have no idea who I am, what this place is, or how I got here. I had, on occasion, woken up no knowing where I was but this was different. The misty surroundings slowly clear and I see a foppishly dressed figure nearby and I can begin to see figures as well. I stand in one smooth motion drawing the longsword sheathed at my side. The sword seems to snap into a hanging guard position of its own volition. 'I must had done that before.' I think to myself. Out loud I say in a gruff demanding, "Who are you people and I am I doing here?" <prompt>

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