Pictures or things that need to be explained in the tutorial some how:


    In playing this last alpha I and many others were happy to help numerious new players with their questions in general chat.
    Of the many questions there were two that really could use some more help from the tutorial section; What a fleshing beam looks like and how to change the resource in the crafting station.
    Here are my 'give me a sec' versions.
    Fleshing beam.png
    Crafting resource selection tutorial.png

    A tutorial for catching a horse would also be good as that was another very high frequency question. Really just giving the players a link to the video in which Prometheus shows us would go a long way to helping the new players.


    YES! The tutorial is not actually a tutorial at this point - it's a 'here's basic things for you to figure out how to do in a safe-ish setting'

    To call it a tutorial, they'd need to offer some instruction. Right now, it's the global chat answering the same 10 questions over and over.

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    On the other hand, a Tutorial Quest to 'Catch a Horse' and 'Buy a Land Plot' that can be done or skipped might fit better, one before the exploration zones, and one after (as you need gold to buy a plot)

    Under the catch a horse heading, you could have making capture nets

    Another quest might be to craft a Tier 2 piece of Armor/Equipment based on Archtype that walks them through changing the materials used.

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    Last time I searched for these bars, it took me a long time. Very good initiative for beginners. 🙂


    buying/abandoning a plot -could- be done in the starting town... and give that plot an upkeep of 1m gold coins due every 5 min? to keep players from 'accidentally' holding it beyond the quest prompts.
    There could still be trolls who just re-buy it every 5 min tho... ugh...

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