Suggestion: AoE PvE Taunting For Tanks (Heavy Armor) (Heavy/Medium Weapon/Heavy Shield?)

  • Honestly think tank builds should have like a AoE PvE Taunt (Could make it PvP so that instead of taunting enemys (which wont work vs players) make it instead transfer dmg from allies over to Tank. Or something similar.

    Just an idea 🙂


    As for PvP i liked the tank approach from Warhammer online a lot, taunt increased the next few attacks from the tank to the taunted target (not really needed here i think) and interrupted spells, for defense you had guard, you choose a target of your grp and the dmg was split between the tank and his target if they were in close range to each other.


    @Honeybadgerr I have seen some games have a PvP taunt, where players can only target the tank. if they tried to attack other party members, it wouldn't work.

  • @Xzait I mean sounds great. my idea could even be a seperate skill. So many possibilities here B)


    From this post I wondered if I could make a mage tank and use aoe spells to 'taunt' enemies and then spam slows/entangles to keep them in place/focused on me while relying on lots of heals and mage armor to stay alive. I made a 18 str, 10 dex, 18 int, 18 con, 6 pre, 6 cha. character for this purpose and started him with gladiator abilities -cuz so strong and that heal, ooph- I am currently working to fill him out with skills (cobweb, heals, fireball, etc) , but so far it is working vs mobs rather well !
    The down side is that I cannot wear heavy armor and any armor I do wear is not considered when using mage armor, and mage armor is not giving all the bonusses it should, but that is another matter.
    Food for thought-

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