Poison effect not disappearing after timer expires and poison damage keeps ticking down your health


    When getting poisoned from Giant spiders and running away from them, so they abandon their pursuit, the poison status effect doesn't get removed sometimes when its timer runs out and the poison damage keeps ticking down your health until you die.

    Not sure if this happens with other spiders as well, only tested this and reproduced it twice with Giant Spiders.
    It doesn't happen every time. I am healing with minor health when on low hp and not sure but it might impact in prolonging the timer. Hard to tell with low amount of health during the test.

    Further testing indicate that it might be that the effect actually disappears eventually, but much later than what the timer of the status effect indicates.

    A theory: Could it be that there are additional hidden poison effects added if hit again by the spider but the timer is still only indicating the first status when hit the first time?


    I've noticed too that sometimes poison really lasts for long, but I thought it was intended to force us to bring remedies other than bandages.

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