Suggestion: Outdoor Storage options

  • I would be cool to have some storage option to put outdoors on your parcel.

    Small shed for general storage (basically like 2 large chests)
    Smaller versions for stockpiles that Cities can build


    @Galtakie you already can put chests outside your house if there is space for them. If you want to store wood or coal, you can always use a cart or wagon.

  • That dosent look as good. It's not just about the slots. Its also about how things look

  • Wiki Editor

    I know what @Galtakie is pointing out, he is wishing way more optical stuff.
    But as @Xzait, it is already possible to place storages outside, all what is missing is a different look of things.
    That we just have limited looks of stuff is caused on the state of the game.
    It is just an Alpha and we just have basic stuff, not even decorations.
    But even decorations are already in game, but just not accessible for player yet.

    When all core mechanics are implemented and the Devs find time to polish the game, i am quite sure, we will get way more options to make our houses and towns cozy and looking nice.

    Look, cosmetical things are planned 😉

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