Young player protection

  • New characters doesn't get the Young status, if an older character on the account already lost it.


    Almost everything in this game applies to all characters on one account. I don't think this is a mistake.


    @Sawahya exactly because it's called "Young Player Protection" and not "Young Character Protection", you're the player, you own many characters, you are protected as young, your characters are protected as long as you are. 🙂

  • Let's say you want to try out a new build and for that you need some skill from the Goblin Warchief.
    Your friends are at the other end of the continent, so you are trying to do it alone.
    And you make a character, get some gear and go to Goblin Hills.
    You can't get too good gear, because your main is a citizen of a city on the other end of the continent.
    But it's still morning, so no one there.
    You fight some Goblins on the way to the Warchief.
    Nothing interesting.
    But when you fight with the Warchief, PKers come, and kill you.
    You loose everything and you can start again from the starting city.

    Yep, it could be intentional.
    And I start to understand the necessity of the 3 worlds.
    Tartaros is for PVP fans, Arboreus is for PVE fans and Syndesia is for PKers.



    Yup... Syndesia is going to be the home for gankers. sure enough, cause they can't actually PvP with the real pvp players. Way to tell the difference? these are the players like Tor that only fight people when they are engaged with other mobs and actually have the mobs do more damage to the player then they actually do. Saw his video, was totally unimpressed. You can clearly see how he actually would have lost a lot of those fights if not for the boss mobs.

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