Some feedback from my travels so far

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    I've been going down the archer/stealth route so my feedback is more directed that way and so my feedback may clash with other playstyles/aspects that I have not encountered yet.

    • There should be a 'halt' key (I'm pretty sure I did not see one but now that I'm typing this I cannot remember exactly). Basically when you are moving you should be able to stop yourself without having to click under/near yourself or attacking.

    • An indicator that displays under your mouse while it is held down and when you click a position to walk to so that you can see where your character is heading.You can see what I mean in the following video for a different game (


    • It seems weird to me that dagger damage scales from strength and not dexterity.

    • Your inventory should open by default when you access chests or tables etc. They should also not overlap with each other.

    • Shortbow seems a bit underwhelming compared to the longbow. The decrease in damage does not feel justified given that the fire rates are pretty similar. Also why do shortbows take 2 planks and longbows take 1, to me at least, it should be the other way around.

    • I've seen this mentioned a lot.. clicking interactable objects while fighting is very annoying.

    • Shadow Step is a guaranteed critical strike from hidden, but it doesn't display an ! like normal crits. This confused me at first and I thought it wasn't working properly, but the damage does seem to be correct. I'd like for the ! to appear as normal. An aditional note, which I will try to test more and report if needed, is that it may be possible to crit on top of the guaranteed critical strike. I currently tend to hit around 350 when using Shadow Step + Hidden combo on rabbits, however I randomly oneshot a rabbit for 605. These numbers fall in line with my critical damage amount.

    • When mousing over status icons it would be good to see a brief description of what it does rather than just the name.

    This is all I can think of right now, though I have some more points but they fall more towards bugs than feedback so I'll but them in the appropriate thread once tested more. Feel free to discuss anything about the points I have raised.

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    I find that shortbows are superior to longbows, since they get bonus damage from both the perception tree and the dexterity tree. You also get access to more skills, like poison strike and verdant regrowth.

    Agree with all your QoL features, but they are probably coming later.


    @SuperMickyJay yeah, daggers statting off of str is kinda weird, when in the talent tress, the light weapon damage is all in the dex tree.

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