Lower city requirements for testing purposes


    There's not enough players to max out the city so it's impossible to test the features for some.

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    @Argonaut hmm why you think it is like this?
    Also lowering the requirements would lead to not knowing, if the requirements are too high or too low in general. Thats a part of the test, to give a feedback after it, if we could handle our towns well enough.
    Also, not every City is supposed to grow to a Big Town. Some will surely be even in Release just a Village and stay like this. These people in Villages will need to get their Stuff from other Marketplaces.

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    @Kralith This

    The city requirements are set to realistic values, to lower them would skew the results and pretty much invalidate that whole aspect of what's being tested.

    When you run a test, you need results across the spectrum to measure against, those towns that make it to the top Rank before the test is over are one element of the testing results, but so are those cities that will keep getting demoted back to Rank 1 over and over, only to build and fall again, and those who find a comfortable median level of say Rank 7 to 10 by the end, and every flavor in between. This will represent a cross-section of what can be expected over a longer term run of the game.

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