annoying persistent item description overlay


    this happens time to time with moving items around quickly and after ending trading, holding for a description of an item on a corpse and having someone take it while you are looking at it, and now, even when equipping items very quickly after taking them out of the enchanting table.

    oof screen.jpg

    Normally, you can hover over an item in your inventory and the interface will go away... but with enchanting, it seems to be different for some reason and persists, even after that. Here's a screen of the exact same piece of armour being shown to me twice XD

    oof screen 2.jpg

    I have a feeling this happens when you equip the armour on the same tick it brings up the ddescription.

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    For me it happened yesterday, when i was looking into a loot window, got the item tooltip and anyone else took it out, then the tooltip stayed till i moved over another item in my own inventory.

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