[PVP QoL] Visible Relation of Residents+Citizen to own town

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    Soon player will get out of „Young Player“ state and become vulnarable.
    I see a big problem for this reason related to towns.
    We don’t have at the moment any visible marker for own citizen and residents. So it will be very hard to spot, if a player that runs around your properties is related to your town or not.
    Maybe i am just picky, but how the hell we will be able to difference between „friends“ and „enemies“ if we cant see who is related to our own towns?
    I see a big mess incoming, if townies think „Oh look, there is lurking someone at our controlled area, lets kill him!“ and then it turns out, it was just a new resident who wanted to be with us.
    More problematic is this, because the names in the Citizen list are not related in any kind to the character names and you don‘t have any hint, that this is a citizen of your own. Per example if the player made a second character and you didn‘t remember the name of it, and he/she isn‘t joined your guild already, which is using a different system to be related to character names, different as for citizen, thats related to account names.

    For now as a caring Governor i just would have a chance to create offline a full list of my citizen and residents and send it to everyone with the please to watch an up to 300 people list, if this is a „friend“ or not. A pure non doable task.


    THIS. Our own guild members are safe but there are also citizens that are unguilded or part of other guilds. If cities are meant to be these community hubs then there has to be some visual indication of who is a fellow citizen.

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