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    I was able to place the blueprint for the Bank in Duath last night, but when I went to try and access it this morning, I can't open it at all!!

    I am guessing it is because of the roof and/or walls of the build being in the way, like they interfere with you opening chests or even walking in other buildings. The bank is facing west, instead of the usual south or east... so that might have something to do with it as well.

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    @Xzait This happens often and yes i also was thinking it could be an issue with the roof, because when it happens, it is also hard to move out of the bank again, like if you run unter a bridge (the one in Heartwood per example).

    If you relog, the problem is mostly fixed and you can access it again. But will be maybe not persistent. If you go out of the city and come back later, it can happen again.

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