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  • I would like to suggest to let guilds claim a town also strait without having to move them into a "goverment" just make a system that when a guild reaches 20ppl they are able to claim a town without having to invite everyone into settlement, just for conveniece and so 🙂

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    @Arebon not sure, if that will be a good system.
    The towns are designed to work independent of being in a special guild, even if you surely can control a town guild internal, if you have enough people.
    But if you make it depended on guild size, a group of smaller guilds never would get the benefit to make a town.
    You would force them to give up their own guild concept and join another guild just for that.

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    Also, if your addressing the whole 'Cities need to be claimed/supported by 20+ people before launch' thing, realize that this is partly just how their fast tracking cities in the Alpha stage. Once the game goes live, I believe you can apply to become a city governor, and then people can come in to support you, or put forward their own name for the job, causing it to become a popularity contest/vote...a little different and more time consuming, but more doable after regular launch...at least that's how I currently understand the plan is.

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