Targeting is a problem


    Its a pain in the ass targeting mobs in this game for a few reasons. By the way if anyone knows of any solutions for the problems I will talk about please tell me, its only my second day playing this game.

    -Cursor size is tiny and its color makes it difficult to visualize often
    -Camera locked which makes kiting a NIGHTMARE
    -No keybind like in league of legends to attack the target closest to your click (so you don't have to be perfectly accurate with clicks)

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    1. agree, cursor can be really hard to see
    2. I've mentioned camera panning before, and hopefully that will be a QoL upgrade we get around Beta
    3. This one is intentional, they want the more organic click based combat over hot-key and have pretty much said they don't intend to change that.


    As much as sometimes it can be difficult to see, you don't need pinpoint accuracy all the time. Holding right click in a general direction can net you hits, even if your mouse isn't even close to the enemy. Also, an enemy will light up with a red outline if you have it targetted, which helps with noticing if you are targetting something or not.


    @Xzait yeah I see and that helps a bit.. I am still trying to give bows a chance but they feel insanely weak compared to magic for example, and having camera locked is making it missclick city


    @apeiro Bows are very slow to start, but very strong in end-game. Your damage won't be noticable until you have some basic enchantments and most of your perception talent tree (ranged damage and crit rate)


    Also, mobs are difficult to hit when they are right next to someone, or possibly in that person. Your cursor seems to prioritize targeting your ally over your enemy. It would be nice if there was a Key press + Click that would allow you to set it to focus Enemy vs Non-enemy.

    Default: left click is to focus on Non-enemy (other players in or out of your party).
    Shift + Left click = Focus On enemy targets under your cursor
    Ctrl + Left click = Focus on Party members under your cursor
    Alt + Left click = Focus on Any non-enemy under your cursor

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