[QoL] Better Management of Town Citizen

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    Yesterday was a very exhausting day.
    As you all know, i have a kind of Community City, that went quite big.
    When the application to sign in was open, i made myself a list of all participating guilds and sorted their account names to it.
    Ingame it was for this reason a big mess, since you just see the account names and you aren't able to match them to the ingame names unless you talk with each of them, who running around.
    Also we got many new requests, and we need to talk to each of them, who they are, since the ingame names often are different from the account name. Talking isn't possible in a whisper, so everyone who is around also is hearing, who are related to an accounts name, even if you just talk in local chat.

    For this reason i wish for the future a system, where at least Governor and Vice-Governor can see, which charakter is related to the account name in the Town Register.
    It can be a mouseover tooltip or directly written on the list itself, maybe as a second column, thats just visible to (Vice-)Governors.
    It would be a huge help to manage a town.

    Also i want to suggest to have some "online indicator" for the citizen.
    I don't mean the same as we have for guilds and party now, i mean more like another column in the town register, that shows if the citizen ever was online (helpful for never shown up people who registered over the map) and such like when last seen (like "today", "yesterday", "a week ago"....)
    This helps to spot active and non active Citizen.

    Another point for managing would be to see, which citizen has a personal plot claimed. That would be another column in the town register, maybe just with a housing symbol, thats green (plot at City Center), yellow (Plot at Residental Area) or grey (not claimed).
    This would help to be able to know with which citizen we need to talk about getting own house, since it has a direct influence to the towns growing needs.

    These extra columns should be restricted to (Vice-)Governors, since these informations can be very abusable by people who are just in the town to lurk for informations.

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    all excellent points. As a member of your massive citizenry, I can get behind all of that. Also, does anyone know at what town rank you have to be to build a town bank? I'll do my best to help build city buildings as will my guild, but having to run back to the starter town to use the bank is annoying now that we've got our city up and going.

    Just to reiterate, my in-game name is Darylanthys, and my Sister's name is Storm, my GF hasn't logged in yet to the Alpha to make a character so name is pending, but that's the DnDeviants.

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    @GamerSeuss ahhh, you are Dary, now most makes sense, you said 🙂

    As for the bank, you would need to be at least Rank 1 of the town, to get the first 2 Research Points. We didn‘t build the bank at first step, since we was very close to the starter town. But now we finally have one, Shiva and another one (don’t remember who) was building it just an hour ago.

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    Yeah I helped finish it

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    @GamerSeuss ahh nice ❤

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