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    Something like Alt+Click or Shift+Click or the like, to move stuff fast between two open containers, for example between inventory and bank chest, with stuff going in stack with other stuff already present, instead of dragging every single item and finding the correspondent one in the chest.
    It would be a really cool QoL improvement! 🙂
    (Of course no hurry, bugs and balance issues first!)

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    as was said previously, such QoL features are being put in the back burner most likely until they get the mechanics worked out...even then, they may or may not add them, as they do want some things to take a little time to do, and it only adds a few more clicks


    @GamerSeuss I know QoL is not prioritary in alpha testing, but I don't agree on considering annoying inventory management a "feature" because you want things to take time to do.
    Fractured has its core features about what's hard to do and to get, but putting stuff in organized boxes shouldn'b be among those, checking if you already have a stack of that item, drag it on to stack more, it become a time waster without any game value addition, it's not a shared resource to be contested, it's not a time gate on crafting, it's just annoying by itself.
    That said, no problem in waiting, of course, but I don't think this QoL should be trivialized anyway in the long run. 🙂

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