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    The new crafting interface out in the wilderness is crap. Pressing N to open it doesn't work half the time, so you cant even build a campfire or wagon to rest or gather resources, you can't make bone arrows on the fly, because inventory space is limited to travel with 15k of them before you leave, you can't make a hammer or an axe to build a wagon or cart if you do manage to open the interface or chop down a tree.

    All the unneccissary limitations make travelling more of a hassel to set up and less interesting. Please, change it back to the old crafting interface, where i can make a new bow if my current one breaks half way through the whispering woods.

    It doesnt even make sense having an discrepency between being inside a town or being in the wilderness... they are all items you craft WITH YOUR HANDS....

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Fixed in v.a.2.5.0c

    (aside from the part of the hotkey sometimes not working, that's coming in the next patch)

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