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    With the rise of social networks it's been a while since last time I've been active on a forum, so I clearly missed the improvements in forum engines.
    In fact, this forum rocks!
    Is this a new famous forum engine or did the developing team write this one too?
    (For reference I remember stuff like Invision Power Board, PHPBB, Forumfree and stuff like that, and they are light years back away from this one!)

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    @GreatValdus This forum is based on NodeBB 🙂 So it's similar to other forum software like the ones you mentioned.

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    @Specter NodeBB, good to know, I must be really out of date about forum engines, thanks for the info! 🙂


    @GreatValdus - Welcome! 🖖

    I don't know squat about forum engines, but I do know this forum has created a superb community. @Specter & the devs have done a great job of keeping things relatively civil, and responding amazingly promptly to player concerns.

    I believe the game model - avoiding P2W - has attracted a more copacetic group than any other game forum I've been on. There's some friction, to be sure, but there's very few of the 'I paid lots of my good money so you must listen or I will stamp my foot and slam the door' crowd I got used to seeing run forums for previous games.

    Again, welcome! Looking forward to seeing you in-game! Meanwhile, allow me to recommend that you scout the recruiting posts on this forum & discord to find a guild that's a good fit. Way more fun and perks playing w a guild. 😉

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    @PeachMcD thanks for the welcoming post! 😄
    I was actually talking about the forum engine itself, but as you point out the forum is actually really cool also for what matters people posting in it... 🙂
    In my opinion a healthy and respectful community is crucial in keeping a game enjoyable for long.
    The business model looks good for now, P2W is always a bad decision on the long run if you want quality, and cosmetic and little QoL paid items are ok, even more if there is a way to aquire them from other players with in game currency, which still generates money for the company and doesn't cut off people completely from stuff.
    For what matters guilds, since I bought the game recently I haven't played a single alpha yet, so I don't know, I think I'll spend the very first time as I always do: messing around and finding out stuff, then I'll think about it... 🙂

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