The Moonshadow Dryads Arboreus PVE Guild [EU/NA/AUS]


    Welcome beastman to the lush forest of Arboreus. It seems you are lost here and looking for the way to the next town?
    Interesting indeed……may I offer you a seat for a little talk?
    It seems you need some rest from your long journey and a little drink could help. It‘s on the house as well! 😉
    Let me tell you something about this town and our territory while you have a drink of the good stuff.

    Guild structure

    Our wise and humble leader Xzait leads The Moonshadow Dryads and tries his utmost to build an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere for all of us.
    I, Lil Cassiopeia, function as Xzait‘s right hand and support our wise leader in all needed matters.
    There will also be multiple officers to help us take care of the guild.

    Basic benefits

    • A small, tight knit community of honest, forthright and trustworthy players
    • A mix of players that have experience in previous tests and new ones with minimal experience
    • Players logged-in most days, spanning across multiple time zones
    • Respectful and peaceful players settling in Arboreus, land of the Beastmen.
    • And of course having fun!

    About us

    • We are going to be a peaceful PvE focused guild, but we will also welcome players who are interested in friendly PvP, like duels, or PvP enabled instances, like meteorites.
    • We want to keep the guild at a manageable size.
    • We are already having connections to several ally's and are happy to work with them in the future and adding new ones over the course of time
    • We will be settling in Arboreus mainly but members can also explore the other planets freely as well if they wish to.
    • We are encouraging people who want to excel in trade, gathering and crafting to join us, as that is where our main focus as a guild, will lie.

    What we would wish from our members

    • Don't be abusive to other people in the server. This is a chill, friendly place and we don't need people ruining that.
    • Treat everyone equally, reguardless of rank.
    • Lets enjoy the game and have fun! 😊


    Discord: (Only the public channels will appear without membership permissions.)
    Guild Profile:
    Please contact [TMSD]Xzait or [TMSD]Lil Cassiopeia on Discord, or simply reply to this thread!


    Interesting... Love the artwork


    Three cheers for Beastfolk and The Moonshadow Dryads!!!

    Forestkin need to stick together!! Come on over and at least have a chat with us in discord.


    We are all still waiting for the next test to start and are eager to try out the new territory/city system.
    If you have any requests regarding ally with us as a guild or join us as a single player you can join our Discord sever for any further questions.
    Also you can give a heads up chat message in the forum to Xzait and myself if you want to. 🙂

    Cheers Lil


    Great to know you've got folks in NA and AUS too, @LilCassiopeia!


    @PeachMcD i like you i hobe to play with you man


    If anyone is still looking for a guild, or possibly even for possible allies, feel free to check us out!! We're still very active and eagerly awaiting the next test's launch, just like everyone else!! The discord link is in the original post if you want to take a peek and say hi 😉 We look forward to playing in the next test with everyone!! 😄

  • A wolf-like beastman gratefully accepts the invitation to have a break on his journey through Arboreus
    Hm... d'is water tastes well. Thanks.
    Do you still need a couple of helping hands?


    @Gnoor we can also offer you a good jar of fruit wine as well. This may be more to your liking! 😉
    Helping hands are always welcome if you respect the few rules we have.
    Aside from that lets have fun! 🙂

    Cheers Lil


    interested in your guild and town, we are a group of 4 first involvement in the alpha. Let me know what next steps might be. thanks in advance.

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