Next playtest ?


    During the next playtest is it a fresh start kinda thing or are we picking up where another was left off ?

    been watching random stuff but always really enjoy crafting for myself and others a majority of the time.
    if i were to bunker down and get the game now would i have enough in the way of crafting or helping others farm stuff ?
    love the idea about starting play made towns n the like!!!

    if theres a guild that wants a miner/ gatherer would love to join ya

    anyone elses thoughts on the game so far ? or for thos that have playtested so far what was your favourite thing or funny story that really made it for you ?


    Fresh start with each new test (at least so far, might change later down the road).

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    Barring special testing sets, like the recent 3-4 day PvP mini-tests where you started with everything unlocked, All Alpha and Beta tests will start over from scratch each time, as per the Developers (Alphas for sure, some betas may let you continue) as different mechanics are being tested, and they need to be tested from the ground up.


    I found that establishing a settlement either on your own or through citizenship within a city, is crucial if you're trying to take that approach.


    thank you for the tips everyone sounds like ima enjoy it

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