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  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Fractured, should it become in completion everything it could be, may be the first game that allows a player to play as a non-combatant, should they choose to do so, without removing combat from the game.
    The emphasis that Fractured places on parties and guilds makes it possible for the creation of a character build that I have attempted to play in many other games, to little success.
    This character is much like the traditional Bard-type build, which often does not work as well in practise as the creator imagines: The Bard, depending on the game, is frequently slain, jailed, or simply discarded out of frustration.

    Many games, for all their interesting mini-games, and intricate nuances, often, for one reason or another, are simply too difficult or confusing to utilise these mechanics and the gamer reverts to the warrior whose armour and health make him immortal, and whose two-handed sword destroys anything, even though enemies might have carefully designed weaknesses and resistances. Or the mage whose spells render otherwise difficult boss fights childs-play, or the assassin who can stand in a well lit room and fire arrows at enemies two inches from their face without being detected.

    Fractured has, in the stretch goals, mentioned the 'transformation' paths of the various races that will hopefully be implemented; namely the Angel, Abomination, and Lich.
    The concept of immortality for the furtherance of knowledge is an old one, and one I personally like. And so the Lich Bard was born.

    This character seeks knowledge and adventure; to seek the places He has never seen, and to study the worlds about Him. He seeks to then take in hand what He finds: the understanding of things, and the shapes of things, and He seeks to shape the world about Him.
    Mostly for His own interest, but once He has done a thing, of what use is it to him?
    He seeks to shape mighty weapons, yes, but he has no interest in the use of them; he passes through the world unseen and unheeded, and those that seek conflict with him are left bewildered and unharmed in his wake.

    Many people will be familiar with the Guild master who is revered and whose abilities are spoken of in awe, yet whose character is that of the absent-minded scholar who thinks of little but his works, or is possessed of a child-like humour and seems to do nothing for any reason but his own curiosity, yet cross him or his guild and he reveals the power his studies have granted him.

    Having a Guild at ones back allows a character to be without any damage-dealing ability, and yet still pass through the world to explore and take back knowledge and materials to shape the tools of those that defend them: those who have less interest in a passive world-view.

    In terms of actual gameplay, I have yet truly test this build, largely due to the main talents that would be used, ie: the charisma tree, are not yet active, but outside of that tree, the talents pertaining to stealth, magic, and defences would be most useful (I am still unsure about the exact application of perception)
    As for abilities: shadow walk, and possibly shadow dance for its increase to stealth, would be important to pass creatures without conflict. Abilities to stop, slow or stun enemies without causing damage, such as slow, net trap, cobweb and entangling web would allow for time to pass by or flee without injury to either party. Spells to aid friends; either in defence, reinforcement, curing or healing, or spells to aid oneself in surviving without causing injury such as mage armour, Absorb, fire and poison protection, and even relocate.
    Attribute points would be largely charisma, intelligence and luck, as well as dexterity for evasion, constitution for defence, and possibly perception, once I find out what it is for.

    Finally, as this is largely a craftsman build, and even fractured has currently no skills or abilities pertaining to crafting, at least not to my knowledge, this build would rely heavily on crafted items, either for personal use, or in supplying them to fellow adventurers.

  • Wiki Editor

    I enjoy non-combatant classes as much as I enjoy fighting. I agree it would be neat to see a few skills to support non-combatant classes such as buffers, healers, scouts, anti damage dealers and ect.

    a few skills I like for speed
    -Frenzy increases movement speed
    -Enrage makes you immune to a few CC's and increases speed by 10%

    I would love to see a few other janky spells added to the game . . .
    Something like "attract sprite wards" casting it would make random little gust of wind or bubbles would show up. touching the bubbles or wind would grant either a speed buff or a damage shield.

    There could be a bunch of silly spells 😄

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    i did notice those abilities, though the names werent exactly in keeping with the character 😕 I would like to see some calming spells, or, as a few games have, spells that create an anti violence bubble. its possible these are intended, but the charisma tree was inactive so...
    or spells that grant invulnerability but dont allow you to attack. I would enjoy standing there while a PKer attacks me to no effect

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    On consideration, I would slightly alter this build: removing the party skills to make it more 'lone seeker of knowledge' and adding some lethal magics; for use on evil creatures only.
    Once again, this build relies on Fractured allowing high karma/very good characters to be treated as friends by good creatures, or the introduction of calming/beastmaster skills. As well as having a guild to back him up (see 'His own Second'

    The reason for my original choice to be purely non-combat, was due to the existence of creatures such as trolls and elementals etc. that seem to be good, but attack to defend their regions.
    I am hoping that the game will allow, whether by good alliance or by skills, these sort of creatures to be non-hostile.
    Creatures like undead spiders, zombies and whatnot are usually agreed to be totally evil and undeserving of any sympathy, even from the most peaceful druid, most neutral monk, or kindest priest.

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