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  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    One of the prominent aspects of Fractured is a players ability to 'respec' their build; this, as well as the fact that all characters belonging to the same account are treated as the same person for most things, allows me to bring into the game an otherwise purely academic aspect of my characters build (https://forum.fracturedmmo.com/topic/13102/the-song-eternal?_=1610788299869)
    This is the idea that, while He is the mischievous, ancient, Lich-Bard, Master-of-the-Guild; who stands in sharp contrast to his War-leader; the grim and noble knight that is the Guilds second in command, What many don't know, (or perhaps everyone knows) is that he has a great love of disguise, and that these two men, are one and the same.

    Despite being a man who seeks knowledge and professes to dislike the concerns of others interfering with his work, and is the master of a guild, with all the complications that brings, He nevertheless cares deeply for his guild members, and when they go to war, or seek adventure, or just when he gets bored, the Lich-Bard becomes the Knight, and leads his guild from the front.

    This transformation could be achieved, in game, in one of two ways; either by creating separate characters, which would allow for cosmetic change and attribute change, but would be separate people, or by simply having two main build presets, thus keeping the one man-two faces concept, for which fractured is uniquely suited.

    Keeping the same character would not be too great of a problem, even considering that a character cannot change their attribute point distribution, as they would both be primarily charisma/dexterity/intelligence builds, with either perception or constitution as supplementary.
    Neither would require much strength, assuming he had a guild at his back; the one being a stealth mage who passes unhindered among the good creatures (hopefully) and goes unseen among the evil or wields mighty arts to silence them, while the other is a mage knight whose magics aid his fellows in battle and frustrate their enemies, while his agility and armour keep himself safe.

    Fractureds skill system allows characters to change, which in this case allows me to represent a man who, at once desires peace; avoiding conflict even with evil beings, yet also seeks knowledge, even the knowledge that may only be learnt through killing. A man who guards peace and good, even to the extent of allowing evil to live and criminals to walk his city, yet also longs to see that evil destroyed or driven out of his land.

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