Why is there a notice No Testing Phase is Running At The Moment??


    I thought all testing phases are continuous?



    No Each test stage only lasts 1 month. The one for this last alpha test ended earlier today.

    Also... all data will be whipe for the next test stage.. meaning everything you did this last test will be deleted and you will have to start your character all over again.

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    As they've said throughout the site and testing process, Alpha and soon, Beta testing will be done in a series of test phases. Each test run will go for a limited period of time, testing out specific mechanics that they are implementing and possible subsystems they will interact with, and go into the playable Alpha/Beta Phases. After each 3 to 4 weeks test phase run ends, they have in the past opened up the test phase's last 3 to 5 days to the general public to stress test the servers, but I think they are going away from that.

    At the end of each test phase, the servers are taken offline from player access, the data from the previous test is gathered via surveys and scouring the forums for input, every character is deleted, as are all the towns and other accompanying elements created by players, the newer mechanics to be tested are phased into the coding, and internal testing goes on until they are comfortable enough to release the next Alpha/Beta test for our consumption..

    Rinse, Repeat.


    @krondorian said (/post/195743):

    I thought all testing phases are continuous?

    Then you didn't read the FAQ
    Here ya go @krondorian ... https://fracturedmmo.com/faq/faq-playtesting/

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