what will happen ...


    assuming that the developers do not decide to leave the game open since it is still very nerda, so what will happen to the city already started, will they be frozen or will they be reset?


    Everything gets wiped each test session.


    In all likelihood, reset.




    @STRIKE said in what will happen ...:

    e to leave the game open since it is still very nerda, so what will happen to the city

    All alpha tests and all beta tests are completely whiped after each test.

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    Systems are so different from one test to another, that it necessitates a total wipe between each test so they can again see how each player, party, guild, city, etc... builds up from nothing once more.

    Minor examples:

    Between last test and this test, Knowledge Point cost for Talents went from a static 1000 per point to 2500 for the first few points, then 3000, and up.
    Between last test and this test, the Mining and Farming nodes were introduced, as were ports, horses, and wagons.
    AND, between last test and this one, Respec'ing Skills and Talents went from Campfires out in the wild, to only when resting at Homes/Taverns.

    Imagine trying to test these new systems if you had come into the game with an already maxed out 60 Talent point character? How about a city that is fully built, populated with citizens, and now has no room to add the new building types to the game, and isn't modified to relate to the nearby node it's associated with?

    A full wipe is essential, and already fully planned for and a standard at least through the Alphas, and supposedly the Betas too (although later Betas might not go through full wipes, who's to say by that stage)

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