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    I just wanted to say maybe next alpha that the devs should add a way to reset and redistribute their attributes. I make mistakes when creating my character but I this point I have invested hours upon hours of time grinding KP. I know at the end of the test the characters are reset, but I feel as though maybe having a way to reset attribute points for gold or another resource would be a great idea. After all, you can change your talents and abilities, why should you be limited by your attributes?


    100%. Even if its something that doesn't make it to the live game, during testing would really help things out. Although since we can reset everything else, I also feel this should be a standard feature as well.

  • I second this. Please make this a thing 😁

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    Think I would disagree with this, only because you will see early game, people prioritizing Strength and Constitution as it would increase survivability, and then late game, once they are geared and talented up, they would respect the completely other way around, taking advantage of the fact that gear and talents shore up those needs, between resistances and other perks, and instead max out things like Intelligence for the Mage power, as an example...Respec'ing should be more involved, maybe during testing it would be okay though


    This has been covered several times in the past. Prometheus has stated that there will eventually be a way to respect in a very limited and costly portion. As of the current, the method for respecting is literally by creating the new character as there is not all the much content still and its pretty easy to regain what you've lost in a short period of time.

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