Trading Post/Store suggestions


    1. Buy and Sell orders for a single material at the same time.
    2. A Trading Post for internal exchange only. I want to provide the iron to citizens of my town for pennies on the $$ and vice versa. So players can rotate stone, wood, ore, etc.
    3. A store for non-building materials to be sold. Weapons, Reagents, etc. (Im sure this one is planned)

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    @Specter This post needs to be moved to feedback and suggestions.

    1. I agree! I wanted to buy stone and sell stone in my town...kinda sucks I can't. I didn't try building a 2ed trading post.
    2. again agreed. Selling to Guildies or citizens should be possible.
    3. That's coming. Players will be able to own shops to sell from. (unless that's changed and their making an auction house)


    1. Been suggested already many times.
    2. Useless cos if u r citizen u get a free access to all res anyway. So will be abused as res store.

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