Town Guards and NPC relations


    Loving the alpha so far. Smoothest alpha I've ever played.

    Now, a couple of suggestions.

    1. Town Guard - hired npc that quashes any wildlife wandering into the town. Recently saw someone mention that a bear spawns inside his smithy!

    2. NPC relations - rabbits, wolfs, bears and other NPC's shouldn't be getting along. For example, if a pack of wolfs is chasing me and we run into a bear, the wolfs and the bear should be hostile towards each other, as well as other creatures. Just an idea!

    Keep up the great work!


    I completely agree with you!!

    But I think it should be up to the City to equip and arm the guards.


    There should be guards but their meaning is to catch a criminals


    I like both ideas and if I'm not hallucinating, I think I'm recalling at least town guards are already planned. I'm entirely unsure on the relation between creatures though and more specifically, AI in general. I wonder how taxing AI is for SpatialOS, since I guess that is one of the determining factors there.

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