Feature Suggestion - Map Icon for personal craft blueprint items.


    Sooo finally back in the game YAY!. Unfortunatly when the server crashed I had a wagon with like 20 -25 stone in it. when I log back in its gone 😞 could just be a bug and it disappeared? but what if not, maybe I lagged and its just not here.. near me. Icons could help mitigate this issue as now I'll likely have to make a new wagon and lose my current efforts.


    update: totally found my cart! that is really awesome and speaks to the power of your servers item tracking. But still the feature suggestion remains 🙂 thanks for consideration.

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    Actually, such a feature has been suggested many times. I think the gist of it was, blueprints are placed so willy-nilly that it would quickly bog down all the resources of the game if you had additional resources going to track all the various blueprints in the map.

    This is why others have made different suggestions that would limit the amount of derelict blueprints out there. Time limits on them if they aren't completed, and especially if they are never started, etc...


    My thought is to let us all be able to set a certain number of pins. That way we could do this on our own, and it wouldn't "pin" every single thing we made.

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