Death and Item Loss


    I have seen a few folks ask on in-game chat, and I also finally experienced it myself.

    I died and there is no loot on my corpse.

    Is that the intended outcome of death? All items lost with no chance of recovery?

    Not that I had anything worthwhile on my corpse, but curious if this is a bug or intended. I could have sworn previous tests I could find my body and click it to get all my stuff back

  • I never died, so it's just a wild guess, but maybe someone looted you?

  • Content Creator

    I believe if your a member of a Faction (PvP toggled ON) you can have your corpse looted by others. Also, remember, items have some durability, and if the final hit on your character also killed the last of the durability of an item, that item would be gone.

    You can also set your corpse to be lootable by party members and you may have multiple corpses out there some of which are relatively bare on items as they died trying to get back to the 1st.

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