Settlement Sandalwood, opens doors.


    Let's start more cities. After all, now we are testing cities.

    A small cozy town in the south of the mainland is glad to welcome new settlers. Now it takes 4 people to found a city. I have already paid for the land.

    Safety and convenience for everyone. Oak, pine, spruce and birch grow around the city. You will find a dead oak tree by walking north into the Whispering Woods. Quarry located right in the city. From this place it is equally convenient to walk to Heartwood and the Vale of Shadows. This is the border of biomes. Lavender, Bloodvein and Rosemary grow to the south. Garlic, Nightshade Berries, Honeynail Mushrooms, White Cap Mushrooms also grow in the vicinity of the city. Paved roads lead from south to north and east from the village. Arnica and Dandelion grow in the vicinity of the city for making potions. Bitterleaf also grows in the surrounding area. All ingredients will be at hand. When hunting Deer or Stag in the vicinity, you can always satisfy your hunger with Blueberries, Currant or Strawberries. Tomatoes lovers will also be satisfied. Juicy sweet wild tomatoes grow around the city. Fox Tails and Hare Paws can also be harvested around the city. If you go a little further into the forest, you will find wolves of different sizes.

    In the current patch, there are no beasts of prey in the city, and you don't have to be afraid of an attack. If you want to take a nap outside in the shade of your house, please do it, it is completely safe. Abandoned ruins abound in the surrounding area. You can buy them and rent a country house while remaining a member of the urban community. The city administration will make every effort to ensure that the city infrastructure was built in the shortest possible time.

    You can support the founding of the city by visiting it and voting for the foundation on the ruins of the town hall.



    Are you still taking applicants?


    Curious as well..


    How are applications done?


    Well, first off you wait until the cities are opened for settlement. Then you "apply" to be a citizen of that city by going to the "Community" - "Cities" Map, selecting the "claimed" city you want to be a part of and then hitting that "join" button on the city information window.


    OH! that makes more sense


    @Bhan @Scozzi @TrueCrimsonFTW Hey. Thank you for your interest. I do not know how free this place will be for the city and whether it will be so attractive. This topic was created in the last testing phase. I will wait for the start of a new phase. Probably in the new phase a different location will be chosen for the new city.


    @catraccoon Fair enough! Looks like they're making great progress on the latest implementations based on their last video update. Mounts are going to change this entirely, I can't wait!

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