Wiki Editor Program.

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    We have 6 people now, signups are closed for the time being. Of course everyone is free to update the Wiki, the wiki is open to everyone.

    Hello everyone!

    In order to make it easier to coordinate efforts to maintain the Fractured Wiki, we've decided to launch the Wiki Editor Program! Anyone who likes to maintain the Wiki and fulfills a few requirements will be able to sign up for this program. While being a Wiki Editor doesn't give you any special benefits on the Wiki for the time being, you will get a few benefits here on the forum and on Discord:

    • You will get a unique Wiki Editor forum title.
    • You will get access to a hidden forum section to coordinate efforts.
    • You will be added to a unique Wiki Editor Discord group.
    • You will get access to a hidden chat channel on Discord for Wiki Editors only.

    In order to be eligible, you'll have to fulfill the following requirements:

    • You need to have good English writing skills.
    • Be active and regularly update and maintain the Wiki when new information needs to be added.
    • Be knowledgeable about Fractured, to keep mistakes to a minimum.

    If you're interested and fulfill the above requirements, you can sign up by contacting me on the forum or on Discord.

    Note: The Wiki will remain editable by anyone, including those who haven't signed up to become a Wiki Editor. The purpose of this program is purely to provide aid to the editors by helping them coordinate their efforts, fact checking content for them, and so on.

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    @Specter Maybe dropping a link to the wiki would be handy 😉

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    @humerus Added it in. 🙂

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    Thrown my name to the mix and sent/message you on discord 🙂

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    I have 6 people for the Wiki Editor Program now. I think this is enough so I'm going to put a halt on applications for the time being.

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