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    In the middle of the wasteland, sits a ramshackle assemblage of rusting iron storage containers, stacked on top of each other in a haphazard mess of structured chaos, between which lay hulks of old barges, and tilted wooden shacks with weathered boards nailed over weathered boards, letting in as much of the blinding sun inside as offering shade. Makeshift ladders hobbled together with welded iron bars scavenged from ancient automobiles frames too rusted to use for transportation even were there still fuel in this world, or a destination worth traveling to, lead to upper levels among the jumble of rust and sun bleached rotted wood, and panels of corrugated plastic creating what could only be meant to be homes.

    Steps made of old worn tires packed with the salt from the ground are stacked between the tight laneways, acting as both terrace for the stacked abodes, as entry to the market hidden within. You take a deep breath, inhaling the smell of dust, and sweat and animal dung that assaults you as you near civilization, but you can also smell food, and wine, and there is music and laughter within.

    "In the crowded square blacksmiths and wheelwrights hammer away at their trade, merchants tout their wares and men are trading: chickens for grain, grain for alcohol, alcohol for sex. Directly in front of you is a signpost which directs traders to the various delights and services of the town: PARADISE ALLEY, GARDEN OF PLEASURE, BLACKSMITH, SMALL ANIMALS."

    You've come not for the trade, but for the promise of work, and a place to lay your head, knowing that the world outside these walls is unforgiving, harsh, and offers you only death.

    You are approached by members of the local consortium, who bid you welcome. Outside of the walls you may well have been prey to them, but the welcome within the walls feels true, though likely not without a price, and while friendly, you sense a readiness to fight within them if you threaten the peace in the town. They ask your business and you tell them you are looking for work, they direct you to see "The Lady" and deign to escort you to a discarded train car sitting at the back corner of the open space. At the entrance you are told to remove your sword, as only peace awaits you within. With trepidation, you do so, and enter into the darkened interior, not sure what to expect.

    Welcome to Bartertown.

    My intention for Bartertown, is to create a space where all can feel welcome, no matter their race, their caste, their karma or their kin. I intend to be open to all, and while under a consortium, being a part of it is not necessary for trade, entertainment, tournament or any other offering here, including temporary shelter and food. Bartertown is open to all, at least for the moment, though I do bid you to entertain pledging with us and making it your permanent home.

    At the very least, we offer you friendship, sport, glory, though as we grow, we shall have everything. Inside the town, we demand peace. Nothing else, you are free to conduct any activity you like, but treachery within the walls, by any guests or to any guests will not be abided.

    Joining the town permanently, you can expect to help create a non hierarchical town that aspires to be a mecca of entertainment, hopefully offering competitions for gold, once we are able to have a tournament system, or set up one ourselves.

    Note, the consortium we are affiliated with, has homes on many planets and has many other towns, and you'd find welcome amongst all of them, simply by pledging yourself here.
    Though of course, that is not a requirement to stay, at least temporarily, would you like to try it out. As already stated, all are welcome here.

    During the next test phase, Bartertown is open, no matter your guild, no password is needed to join it. Of course, if this gameplay inspires you to join me despite knowing little about me as of yet, I offer you welcome not only to Bartertown, but to my consortium, The Shadow Empire.

    (roleplay not required for a good time)
    (quoted text is actual description from the screenplay - substitute "Max" for "you")
    (mention of sex in above piece in no way means we have sex workers, though I do respect people's rights in real life)
    (Bartertown is open to all - and I won't allow discrimination in my town towards people of any denomination, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or age, all are welcome)
    (For the moment, Bartertown is most likely to remain a human world town even upon release, I reserve the right to change my mind)
    (No Nazis)

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    I come here to think and tinker.
    Plants, rocks, weird parts from dead things; I need it all and where better then Bartertown.
    I work for science for the shadow empire!~ but what is a scientist without resources?!
    So I shall call Bartertown my home~ setup shop and deal with anyone who seeks knowledge.

    But don't get me wrong. Outside of Bartertown, you best not get in my way.
    I'll do anything for



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    I want to thank @maze for the artwork!

  • As you are looking to make this a key trade town, will there be any offer of protections against banditary? Because if loads of people are coming to sell, won't more come to steal?

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