Should there be limitations for class specialization?


    I have seen the post about how the wisps should be removed or Nerf due to them being immune to most physical attacks. Based off of that I believe that there would be more of a diverse play style to leaving certain enemies that have specific play style base stats (DEX,STR,INT) to be more difficult for each respective class to kill. i DON'T think a warrior should have teleport, and same goes for a mage knowing frenzy. Now i'm not saying take it away from them but to make it harder or easier for them to learn based off their respective stats. So if a high (INT) character kills a wisps they have a easier time getting teleport then a high (STR) character. Same goes a character of high (STR)character a mage would have a more difficult time learning those skills if you have lower (STR) character.

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    Relocate is already based on int. Cooldown: 45-INT1,5 and it is also restricted to light armor and mage/unarmed weapon so there is not much use for other than mage builds.
    Frenzy is based on CON and not STR:
    Movement Bonus: [CON
    Attack Speed Bonus: [CON*1.5]%
    so even while you can have it as mage it won't be as effective as fighter unless you invest to CON and then you are more hybrid then pure mage.


    i wouldn't mind, during alpha, seeing how a reduced effectiveness would work for abilities with lower main stat.

    IE if a high INT decided to use frenzy they would do so with a reduced effect like shorter duration or less damage or both as an example. same for high DEX/STR being able to use spells but with less duration, less status duration, less damage, etc.

  • Being limited by having low stats makes sense. Being limited for having high stats imo doesnt.
    One can be smart while strong, why not. Our character is already limited by certain number of points for character creation, why punish me for being specialised (If i have natural 20 STR and 20 INT, why should i be worse mage than dude with natural 20 on INT 10 on STR, I should be as smart as him + also physically stronger).

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