Any good impressions on gameplay?

  • Just found this game from an external forums and wanted to see if anyone has any good insight. Maybe a TL;DR version on the game from a players standpoint.



    Many people compare it with Ultima or Salem in some regard, but usually you can look for videos to have your own view on the graphics and the isometrical view.

    Concerning the gameplay, there are some unique ideas about crafting, progress and races, of which some have already been implemented (and look astonishingly well done). For me, the recent open playtest was the first time I could actually personally play the game, and while it took me a while to get used to the controls (walking with left mouse and attacking with the right one) it didn't feel clunky or bad.

    Many people point out, that the most bothering current issue is the lack of teleportation or fast travel. Since it's obviously planned, my first hours were a living nightmare, traveling all around the huge map on foot. Since I was spoilt by other MMORPGs with fast travel. Yet I got used to it rather quickly and enjoyed it after a while.

    Personally, I'd totally recommend the game. It has a friendly and inviting community and a great potential with many features already looking awesome. Yet it's not a typical MMORPG, you must know that.



    Won't really comment too much on the skills/builds considering we're on alpha, ergo limited amount of skills to be used.

    Combat wise and building skills - you get to learn skills by being 'exposed' to mobs that uses those skills, this can be done solo (as emphasised by devs), or you can do this with a team. Certain skills can be a bit more difficult to learn solely due to the fact that getting to the area/location can be quite far away hence the importance of building a hearth (towns, houses, cities) close to the area.
    Every travel will be done on foot, and that mounts will be introduced in the future (as far as i heard, someone correct me if this is wrong).

    Equipment - (weapons, armour, ammunition, etc) can be crafted by players, albeit we were limited to the most basic tools (primitive set) on the last test, everything seems pretty cohesive.
    You get to create/craft equipment by yourself without the need of any tools/workbench, however complex tools requires tools/workbench which you can build in your own home or public available benches. - From my perspective, this was done to make survival more primitive when you're out in the wilderness, therefore the need for towns.

    Houses - We weren't given access to player run town on the last test, however this is coming on the next test. As far as building houses go, you can either build it under a 'town' area or in a non-town area.

    Houses under a town area will be subject to a 'governor' rule (this was answered on a Q&A), however houses on a non-town area are pretty much on their free reign/on their own.
    According to the dev, "everyone" will have an access to a house, even if they're a late comer. I'm actually curious to how that will work considering the player base will most likely grow quite exponentially over time.

    Devs says that they will remedy the situation if players have ran out of 'ruins' to be claimed to make houses. Essentially devs will turn into a property developer lol

    From my perspective based on what i've seen on the Q&A and playing alpha...

    The game will have a strong central focus on towns/houses as they provide key essential tools for players, such as artisan trades (blacksmith, etc. etc), although i don't know much about what artisan trades will be available but that's just an example of it.

    Guilds/Alliances/Players will most likely choose strategic spots to build a house or community in order to be closer to their desired training area or "event" hot spots (i'm assuming), which will naturally be high contested and this brings town sieges, etc.

    I'm not sure whether houses outside of towns can be taken away from you though but just keep in mind that it's a house, not a home; it's temporary, as other guilds would most likely want your spot and therefore you need to defend it, or you want to move to a different zone/area.

    Building houses - requires quite a lot of material/resources that are widely available in your area so there's no need to worry about not being able to build a house, although in a highly populated area, they would naturally be highly contested and therefore you'd need to travel further out in the wilderness to find your precious logs and slabs of stones.

    Trees and boulders do respawn, but they do take a while to respawn.

    I'm not too well versed on the mobs as i was fortunate but unfortunate to only have played the game on the last day of alpha test for May, but from what I can tell you learn their skills after beating the crap out of em several times.

    If you've ever played 'ragnarok online', you'll remember that mobs drops cards that you can put on an equipment to give you benefits, therefore every mob no matter how weak/strong they are are going to be "farmed". In Fractured you're "training" yourself to learn the skill of the mob instead so it is guaranteed that you'll unlock the skill after you've killed mobs enough.

    As far as enchanting goes, sadly i wasnt able to experiment enough with it but from what i've gathered, you collect mob drops that are very common to enchant your equipment. Equipments do break overtime and they can also be repaired (in the future iirc).

    What did I think of the game?

    It tries to cater many different kind of players, if you're a player who wants to focus a lot on community building and complex politics/socialisation, then building towns is for you, this will naturally need security, therefore you'd either need to cater for mercenaries or align yourself with a guild/alliance in order to have some security which will naturally bring its own interesting set of problems that you need to navigate (hint: dealing with people)

    If you want to focus mainly on PVE, building communities/homes peacefully then this game will also cater for you, this will naturally give yous lot of free time to explore your immediate surroundings without having to worry about gankers, etc, but if you ever decide to change your mind and go PVP/kill people this can also be an option for you as a peace-loving person, but in turn you will be exiled from your race/community.

    Players who strictly want to focus on PVP can also do their thing, they can even travel to the 'human' realm with the sole purpose of killing people, enough said. Nothing much to add to that but if you decide that you've had enough of your violent ways, then over time you can turn into an 'angel' and would then be allowed to live on 'peaceful' realms.

    Would I recommend that you purchase any of the founder packs?

    I'd say you should for two reasons;

    1. You can get a head start and get a feel for the game yourself, contribute and help shape the game/community.
    2. You're also going to help the game financially and help see it through.

    and as a bonus, you also get to have other random perks.

    If you can't purchase the founder packs due to it's price, devs would often open the servers to the general public of testing and give away keys for free, as a matter of fact many players have gained access to the game this way!

    As many gaming communities that are just starting out, this is a friendly community so far so there's lots of benefits to getting a head start with the game.

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