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    I feel the game would benefit a great deal from a targetting overview similar to eve online.
    Games often overlook the benefit of having a list of all targets available. Maybe they thing it would take away from the experience or the ambiance. To that i say make it an optional hud interface option.
    I don't like tab targetting, and iso view games have long had issues with clicking to target. An overview eliminates the former and minimizes the pain of 5he latter

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    Agreed. Currently, the tab button is hot-keyed to tab through slotted weapons. It should be for alternating through nearby enemies. It was annoying that Magic Missle wouldn't even start casting.

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    Yes, the targetting is sometimes a bit hard, since people in front of your wanted target prevent that you can target it.
    But i am absolutely against Tab-Targetting, that would make the fighting system boring and cheap.
    If someone want to secure a friend, it must be possible to make him out of sight.
    They surely have to work on the targetting, because even for PVE it is hard to fight at the actual state, but it should be an intelligent targetting.
    Friendly units should get ignored as a target if you cast an attack skill, instead the unit behind should be in target.
    Friendly units should be classified as target, if you want to cast a buff or heal.
    That would help for PVE and for PVP aswell.

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