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  • Hi, just wanted to drop some Alpha-specific feedback. I know the game is nowhere near complete. But this might be something to consider.
    I've been playing the test for 5 days straight and I've acquired 100% knowledge points for each creature in the game. I have enchanted all my gear. I've gathered every item. I'm in the top 5% ranking for PvP in the Militia. I've crafted every item.
    I've pretty much gone through the entire Alpha content of the game in only 5 days. All that is left for me is to play with my guild and do some PvP. However, as far as content goes, I've ran out as I'm sure several people have.

    I'd suggest adding more "grindiness" to the game. The way I see it, is that no matter how many more gather-able/craft-able objects you add to the game, people will run out of content considerable quick in the game's current state if you don't add any grindy aspect to the game. PvErs might get bored once they plow through the content, which at the same time, will hurt PvPers because they will have less people to kill/steal from.

    Otherwise, great job with the game! I love it!!! Can't wait to see all the content you have planned for it!


    @Karlitoz I don't think they need to add grinding as much as replayable content. One of their whole philosophies for this game is to take away grinding. And you are correct, no matter how much content they add to the game, hard core gamers will flash through it. However, they have already put in a 16 hour wait period on "curing" leather, and I am sure they are going to do that in a few more areas as well to reduce people from having instant gratification and being able to stream roll through everything. They mainly just need to find ways to take people away from combat only areas and have them do other things, which I believe they have planned for and are implementing from their news articles of city government, farming, etc. Being a completely player based economy with no npcs in the game, means that the players themselves will be adding content to the game as long as the foundation has been layed for them to be able to do so. And I think, that is what they are planning on doing.

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    The devs are aware of it, and this is why the test phases are time-limited. There's not enough content yet to keep players playing for long periods of time. Cities will be added soon while more continents, planets, creatures, dungeons, bosses, events, ability ranks, etc are all still being worked on. And even after all those features have been added they will monitor the content available to make sure there's enough to do.

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    More Grinding! I get you dont want it to feel like you have to grind to 60 before you can play the game but id love to be able to grind skills to be able to make higher quality items, plant better crops, i know its alpha right now but when its real i plan to play this for a year or more i want my time to feel well spent

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    @Karlitoz Specter already gave the answer i would have too.
    As for the Grindiness, in my opinion there will be enough later on, since equip has a durability, that means there will be an ongoing need for materials.
    I also think, once the building gets the content, there will be much need for materials too, since houses needs to get repaired, otherwise they will decay.
    For now we just have the base mechanics in the game with some examples to play with. There will be much more later on.
    I am quite sure, we will get a burst on content during Beta and then there will nothing like "i have played whole content in 5 days."

    I am very glad you like the game beside the actual lack of content 😉

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