• What is the spec for this game?
    It required high pc?


    The developers are working to keep Fractured available on mid-range computers and laptops, including those a few years old.


    I can say from first hand experience that a pc/notebook without a discrete GPU will suffer. I fried my gaming notebook graphics card and now I am having to use the work notebook: Intel i7, 20 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, but no discrete GPU, just the embedded Intel graphics. With all game specs set to minimum, including resolution, I have an average of less than 15 FPS.
    So yes, some GPU power is needed. Not a great experience, but is fine for having a first look into the game.

  • Before the quarantine, I played the game with stable fps on an i3 4th gen, 750ti and 8gb ddr3. I can't test it on that setup now, but I doubt the sys req changed with these 2 tests.

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