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    Dear Dynamight,
    Will we be getting region specific (as in German/French/Italian/and so on) moderators here and on the discord server? With the game getting some traction and a sudden influx of players I think it would be reasonable to start thinking about hiring or working out a volunteer mod system both for the main english speaking and other local subsections.
    And while Specter might be able to manage moding the english part of the community for quite some time, I think it would be best to let the foreign communities moderate themselves in order to avoid the problems that might occur during communication as solving/encountering them will undoubdatly be not as efficient.
    And I understand that righ now might be a little too eatly to worry about that, but I think that Dynamight have to start thinking about that at one point or another and in my opinion starting to do so too soon is way better than starting too late.


    i vote for a council that the community can vote on and let DS have the final vote!

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    @Jetah Yeah having a system where players would be able to nominate sertain players and vote for them befoe Dynamight lookes into the best candidates, does a background check on them, maybe an interview or something and then chooses a couple of the ones they deem most suitable would be a great implementation of the democratic-esk volunteer programme.

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