To what effect will open world PVP affect governing of cities/towns?


    Open world PVP is a welcomed feature of this game but will this diminish node management and player governing?

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    @PapaEtho It will certainly add an interesting dynamic to it as GvG (City v City) will be a major aspect of the "endgame" social stuff on Syn and Tar. I think the PvP aspect can only add to the experience if anything as the Arb will not have any sieges and we're not really sure how the players there will compete for territory.
    Everyone's opinion on this will be different and the fact that I feel like living on Arboreus will be kinda boring does not take away from people thinking otherwise and if you personally dislike the PvP aspect of the social life in Fractured you can easily avoid it in it's entirity 😉

  • I'm praying for a timed seize warfare. Similar to Albion online but with a larger base of 10-20 fighting 10-20

    10 for nodes and 20-40 for a larger city.

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    @Nokea As of right now we don't have info on how contesting nodes will work, but as for city sieges, it will be 20v20 /w guar NPC on the defending side. The siege will take place at a time the defending side is comfortable with within a 7 day timeframe after a 2 day wait period to set the siege time (as per the latest QnA, if I'm not mistaken on the percise numbers :p)


    @humerus You linked me the videos, and I watched them! Prometheus said 20v20 for a small city and 50v50 for a large city, but the numbers are not set in stone yet 🙂

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    @Harleyyelrah Oh really? My bad, was not paying 100% attention and must've missed that detail, thank you! ':D

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