Silly question regarding house plots, roads, and towns. (visual)


    Didn't see an answer for this, but here is my question.

    Will there be "clearance" of shrubbery, grass etc. when buying plot, building house or town?

    Maybe visually the plot turns into dirt or low cut grass to build on? (Same with roads)

    I assumed this was in the plan somewhere, as most houses look very cluttered at the moment with all the bushes . 🙂

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @Jimbolini Hmm.. I thought cat's loved to play and hide in the bushes. 🙂


    I would like if you can place bushes and grass patches as you want.
    Sometimes i am sad, that they vanish, if you set a structure, like a fence per example.
    It would look very nice if they would stay for a nice atmosphere.
    For sure at some places they are more misplaces, per example in front of a door.
    Therefor it would be very nice to have the option to plant them as you want.

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