wondering how a city owner would view this

  • well you guys are probably going to be some of the guys owning cities and i was wondering if presented with mercenaries/red guild(pvp murderers)/ petitioning you for a large plot of land to make a guildhall in return for fighting your battles defending your land/assasinating your enemies would you go for it and let them move in? or maybe only if you were desperate? just wondering i think guilds like that could function quite well with allocating plots of land as a thing so they can make a guildhouse/invite people to their house so they can use it as a guildhouse and if you tire of them/dont need them you can kick them and they will have to move on/murder your gatherers for a day or too then move on πŸ˜›

    if it was a thing people would likely go for it may make tiers to guilds so not everyone is trying to get a city to own some guilds could just be trying to find a home they can help defend ect others could be trying to make a network of guild houses in lots of cities maybe even a network of rare item shops by a trade guild possibly (would love to see this) a semi rp group of white knights that kill reds and try to set up temples in order to better help syndesia and root out demonic influence and maybe a death cult with ties to the demons lol

    my point being that will you guys as possible city owners likely take on groups of people as citizens of your city in exchange for things or will it likely be your friends and your guildies having max palaces and eco for upkeep ect lol


    The politics system will be really impactful here - and that's the topic for the next Q and A.

    I'm not planning to be a governor. Not enough free time.

    But if I were, my concern with letting a guild move in would be: Could the guild consolidate a voting block with the numbers to vote me out of power?

    If the answer is 'yes' then I'd be opening the town up to having the governor replaced with a guild member, then having every Jon-guild member kicked out of the town. Real Guiding Hand Social Club stuff.


    If people are hiring me and my warriors, they had better let us move in or we can’t do our job efficiently. My team needs a comfortable place to sleep.
    By the way. If you yourself were looking for a band of mercenaries to hire, please take a look at Glims Mercenaries. We are the most well known mercenary company on fractured at the moment and have been around since the beginning. Hope to see you soon, you might even consider joining our guild.
    Sincerely, Glimheim Barrows.

  • as much as i would love to own a city and hire mercs as it stands i only have 2 people who will play with me much more likely that i will be able to make a non-city owning guild i thought people would worry inviting a guild will result in losing control of the city if they only have 1 plot maybe the char who owns it is the only 1 who gets a vote not sure

    also how will cities work for red players on synthesia can they walk into any city or is it based on governance idk πŸ˜„

  • i have been thinking about it and it would be cool if there was a way when you invite someone to define a business arrangement and a citizenship as 2 different things possibly raising upkeep for the city and giving no upkeep to the contracted party but with the difference that they cant vote on things in the city just to make city owners feel safe when hiring mercs ect but if 1 plot of land = 1 vote you wouldnt really need that system because they can make a guildhouse/shop and still only have 1 vote it would be cool to have a separate style of invite tho with pros and cons for the city owner hopefully we will see it a little clearer soon πŸ˜„


    @NeroulGB I think it’s a great idea that you have. I would like to see that implemented.


    @NeroulGB / @WhoAteTheCat

    I've been putting together an idea for a free, non-guild city that welcomes businesses and organizations of any kind, provided they don't cause trouble within its walls. Granted I don't have much of a desire to govern it myself but I do plan to have a pivotal role in its development and I can safely say we'd have room for a mercenary guild to make its home base there if you so desire.


    Post here for questions/comments/interest πŸ˜‰


    @NeroulGB I really like your idea, would be cool to see it in the game

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