Garnering interest: The Great Free City of _______


    So I've been sitting on this idea for a couple weeks now and I've finally decided to put up an interest thread. From what I've seen the town planning thread, especially with respect to non-guild towns, has been pretty dry lately. I want to get the ball rolling on a very large player settlement that upholds the the pillars on which Fractured was founded: the ability to thrive in a player-driven world where the only limit is the extent of your own creativity.

    The principle is to found a free city (read about town politics here) that welcomes player characters of any creed, profession, or alignment. The town won't be aligned with any guild (though if you are a member of a guild you are still welcome to live there!), and as per the free town rules, governors will be chosen via election. Aesthetically speaking, picture something like Novigrad from the Witcher 3.

    alt text

    In-game, it will be a coastal hub for trade across all of Syndesia. Will you make your living in the market district as a weaponsmith, armorsmith, enchanter, or craftsman? Maybe you'll spend your time in the great harbor, a ship's captain transporting goods across the world or a fisherman selling his catch to innkeeps and citizens across the city. Additionally there will be taverns, inns, churches(of all gods), tailors, and and whatever other venues that can be created as well. It should go without mention that there will be plenty of housing plots available for purchase across the city. The idea is no matter who your character is and what they specialize in, they'll be able to make a living and/or a home here.

    Obviously, this is a tall order and a lot of work and time will need to go in to making it happen. Luckily for us, there's still at least a year and a half until full release which is plenty enough time to get a group of interested folks together😁. Right now I'm just seeing who's interested in making this happen, at some point we'll have a discord group made up, and in the future maybe even have some method of laying out basic city plans as the devs release more info regarding how city building will actually work.

    So, if this is something you'd want to be a part of speak up below! I want to reemphasize that this is a VERY rough idea here (The city doesn't even have a name yet lol), so any and all questions/comments are welcome. Even if you're planning on living somewhere else I'd love it if you made your thoughts known!

    One last thing: just because I'm coming up with this idea doesn't mean I want to the Govern the place. More than anything, I want to be a part of building something that will leave its mark on Fractured forever. I'm not saying I'd decline if elected, but that's by no means what I have in mind at the moment 🙂


    @Recoil Which planet do you envision this city being on?


    It would be a human city on Syndesia, though which continent it's on would probably be decided after the devs release the full map 😁


    @Recoil how would such a city be kept safe from being ravaged by ahhhh unsavory types?


    @Gibbx Great question 😁

    If you're talking about crime, my impression from the articles I've read so far is that there will be the option to levy NPC guards to provide security to a settlement (as I'm sure not everyone wants to use one of their character slots to roleplay a city guard). If this is the case, we would certainly have a large host of guards patrolling the city to keep the peace. However, I would personally like the city to have poorer districts as well where the guards are less concentrated so bounty hunters, thieves and the like are able to make a living. Trying to mirror a real city, so to speak 🙂

    As far as sieges and the likes go, it honestly depends on what future game mechanics the devs come up with. If someone attacked the city it would obviously be expected that people defend their homes, but what options exist outside of that? Can we use city funds to hire player-made mercenary companies to aid in battle? Maybe we have allies in other guilds that have a stake in the city's survival and don't want to see it fall into an opposing guild's hands?

    These are just my thoughts though. As a free city this is something I we would decide on outside of the game and decide together exactly what measures everyone wants to have in place 🙂


    Me and my men would keep the city safe. For a price.


    I would be glad to both build this city, live in it, and defend it with all that I am capable of!

    This will be targeted for sure as the intention of the city is to be a hub for all players, but we could find ourselves good alliances and protect the city with the power of all its citizens (plus the eventual mercenary guild to protect us)

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