Coordinates wrong in negative W

  • Just below the minimap the coordinates are shown as xxxW yyyN. When I go westwards (to the left) the number counts down even though it is already below zero. So I am going "more negatively away from west" even though I should be going towards it.

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    @TheBodo That's because left isn't west, there's like a 45 degree tilt on our perspective.

  • In my way of thinking this does not matter. Walking westwards, even slightly, should increase the West coordinate, not decrease. Or am I misunderstanding the base idea? I mean walking "up" no matter at what angle, increase the North coordinate, should be the same for West, shouldn't it?

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    It's got like a 45 degree tilt. So west is like down-left or up-left...can't remember.


    There's a 0 point to the west and north coordinates. If you continue going west then your coordinates will be positive but if you move the opposite direction it will start becoming negative.

    Yes as @Manaia said, the map isn't exactly oriented to true West and North. It matters because if you think you're walking west in a map that's tilted then you're actually going further south or north, not directly west. It should reflect if you're going east. So think of the negative west coordinates as going towards east.

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    @TheBodo the 0,0 point is in the center of the map. If you move west of the center that number becomes negative and continues to lower as you move further away from the center. Also, as others have mentioned it got a 45 degree tilt.

  • @Specter Ok, even though it might not be a bug, I think it is irritating that the West coordinate increases when you walk in eastern directions.

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    @TheBodo It's a standard coordinate system, the W and N are directional replacements for X and Y, or Longitude and Latitude. That's why there isn't a S and E value - because that would be pointless.


    @TheBodo Like Manaia said, this is an X and Y coordinate system. X negative is west, X positive is east, Y negative is south, and Y positive is north. This is all from the center of the map, 0,0. And, of course, tilted 45 degrees.

    There is no "west coordinate."

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