Patch Log - v.a.2.2.1

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Please note: this patch log includes the changes implemented in the last couple patches, not only those of v.a.2.2.1.


    • Humanoid monsters (and temporarily a couple others too) now drop gold coins, the in-game currency.
    • Claiming a plot of land now requires paying a very modest fee of 500 gold coins.
    • Plenty of new enchanting reagents added, especially as loot of Heartwood monsters.
    • Several new player house options added.


    • Monsters sometimes switch target now instead of always sticking to the first one they aggro.
    • Spell cooldown now starts only if the spells is successfully cast.
    • Improved movement/spellcasting logic (client side).

    Bug Fixes

    • Multiple minimap markers for same carts after moving it.
    • Characters sometimes get stuck in resting animation when standing up.
    • Heavy material models sometimes sticking to character model after dropping them.
    • Items sometimes disappearing when dragging them from loot to inventory.
    • Entangling Web spell wrong cooldown (too short).
    • Crafting recipes sometimes consume less than the required resources.
    • Minor property visualization bugs with Enchanting Table.
    • Shadow Walk not revealing when gathering.
    • Missing descriptions for new crafting stations and recipes.
    • Wrong satiety restored values in food recipes.
    • Casting some spells while moving doesn't stop the player and cancels the spell.
    • Wrong Detection values for monsters (too high => reveal the player too quickly).
    • Necrotic Disease doesn't last forever (until healed) as it should.
    • Direwolves don't drop Direwolf Hide.
    • When logging out to character selection, the default male character is sometimes shown on all characters instead of the correct models.


    Thanks for the Patchnotes 🙂
    Some of the fixed stuff i already noticed.
    Will investigate more the next days. 👁 🕵

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