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    Probably everyone has their own "good ideas" on how game should looks like but the bad once usually are "bad" for everyone.
    Thats why i think we could make a list of bad ideas which we disslike from other MMO's and hopefully we wont see them in the Fractured world.

    My main bad ideas (probably obvious) are:
    P2W Premium Shop - make the shop, put there a lot of stuff, everyone understand that the company need to make cash but for the god sake dont put there items that help in gameplay or the worst in the pvp.

    Many screen loadings (aka albion) while exploring the map. Trying to go from one point to other one and while that you are facing 15 loading screens, thats horrible

    No progress - you just getting the best EQ/GEAR, highest level and the only reason to play is your skill which must be better than the others. There should be always something more than only our "skill".

    And whats yours bad ideas?
    These bad ideas which get upvoted will be listed here:

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    At least as far as I know, cash shop is not p2w with mostly cosmetic items since this game is b2p not f2p. Loading screens? well, they want an open immersive world, I think the game takes place on a large map and the only time you meet loading screens are planet swapping/portals (hopefully this is the case). Best gear? lol you can lose it in a heartbeat, and as @Prometheus recently informed me, I believe gear is less of an issue as they made gear easily obtainable/swappable and gear mostly needed for stuff like wearing "warm clothes" in a "cold weather". Obviously gear still matters, but from the current skills spotlight:
    I am sure creative/skilled players will have the upper hand. At least I hope it works that way too!

    As for my own set of bad ideas:
    I hate losing everything when you die I mean if you get to resurrect anyways, why lose everything? Wish you can lock a few items.
    overly high-end pc requirement even though this is going to be an isometric game, I hope they don't increase the requirements of the game by too much that many players will not be able to play (or experience a lot of lag). Lets just hope SpatialOS doesn't run like crap because of the large world and interactive environment.

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    @Foxs Nice post I tryed to start one for the italian section 🙂

    let's start the list:

    • P2W - (Pay to Win) I totaly dislike P2W games so let'z hope they will never go this way
    • P2B - (Pay to Boost) I totaly dislike vip subscripion that gives boost. I prefer a standard sub for everyone.
    • Lag - Like happend in Albion Online on release (180k +) they coulden't manage the server lag. They took like 1 month and half to fix the problem. This way they lost more than Half of the community.
    • PK supremacy - I totaly dislike to "work" (gather/craft) for hours/days/week and lose my thingy in 2 mins. This is usually a thing that make casuals (non Pker) players flee away. The only way would be: 1 lose my things in 2 mins but I can get back my high end equip in 10 mins. if you need a month for equippin but 2 mins to lose it, trust me that 70%/80% will flee away from this game like happend on albion. - So I hope for a non disadvantageous playing style.
    • Unbalanced content - end game/high end content should be accessible to every one and not to the top guilds/top player that can controll a zone/region. - So I hope for a non disadvantageous content
    • Extremly slow economy - gathering/crafting and so on shouldent take too much to level up or to gather resources. Don't foget that this is a game not a job. We are here to have fun (the only thing that keeps player on the game).
    • expensive repairs - Another bad thing is the repair bill, in albion online for example was too high. If I buy a weapon for 200.000gold and I go for a dungeon, the unlucky fate wants me to die 2-3 times, why the hell do I have to pay like 100.000 gold to repair? - So I hope for a non disadvantageous repair bills.
    • Difficulty over economy - I like really high difficult PvE environment but that doesn't cost me all my money if go go there with unskilled players. So really low repairs bills for those who die or not excessive hard PvE content.
    • PvP quantity over quality - Another big issue is the zerg thingy. In those kind of games if you travel around in 10-15 friends you can be killed by big guild that roam around with 200 players. Limitating the numbers of a party/raid is not a solution because you can coordinate many groups by voice comm.
    • Unrewarding content - I don't like to be forced on stealing gear because dungeons or some other kind of content does not drop equip. I'm not a fan of gathering/crafting but a slow system will keep me away for sure.
    • Private instanced spot for builders - I dislike instanced - useless spots where build up structures like a guild city and so on. It's an open world so we should able to build somewhere. It's awesome to show everyone the progress of a guild that way. In albion online we had a private island and guild island - the access was limited as you can think and moslty was useless because using the game city structures were more rewarding. SO I hope to not see an useless/unrewarding building system on this game.
    • A bad interface for guild recruits - one of the most importat things for the guilds is a perfect system to help the guilds with recruit in game. In my last experience (AO) we were forced to keep spammin in all chat the whole time cause of this lacking.

    Okie I should stop here for today


    I dislike MMOs that force you to treat it like a second (or first) job.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    P2W is a cancer to games.


    @dagimir They still said, it will be a B2P and the currency at rewards suggest there will be a shop, but i agree, the Shop should be just cosmetic like.


    • token/reputation grind oriented content

    • pvp/pve only accent

    • low attention for landscape/characters/architecture/equipment design

    • low attention for character development system from point of view on variativity /flexibility / integration in world lore

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